OHKAWA DENTAL CLINIC is a dental clinic that specializes in implants, biting correction, and high-level regenerative medicine.

We aim to be able to provide “happiness of biting” using specialized technology so that everyone can lead a healthy life.

Greetings from the Board Chairman

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OHKAWA DENTAL CLINIC was established in 1983, in Ota city, Gunma, by the previous generation Masakazu Ohkawa. Ever since then, it has protected the oral health of patients for a long time, and it has contributed to medical treatments in the region.

Feel free to consult us on bite problems, implant treatments, second opinions etc. regarding your mouth.

Kohei Ohkawa – Board Chairman – Personal Record

2004 Graduated from Tokyo Dental College

2004 Worked at Medical Corporation Kaiseikai

2007 Opened (inherited) OHKAWA DENTAL CLINIC

2014 Established Medical Corporation OHKAWA DENTAL CLINIC

Qualifications and Certificates

International Dental Implant Association (IDIA)
Implant certified physician, specialist, instructor

Japan Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (LEI)
Laser certified physician

German Society for Dental Implantology (DGZI JAPAN)
Implant certified physician

The Academy of Clinical Dentistry
Certified Dental physician

Japan Society for Dental Anti-Aging (JSDA)
Certified physician

Advanced Implant Medicine (AIM)

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

Indiana University, Certified whitening physician

Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine (JSCAM)

Japan Anti-Aging Surgery (JAAS)

Japan Sweden Dental Academic Society (JSDA)

 Certified outpatient physician for oral cavity infection control


 Certified fluorescent imaging dentist (VELscope VX®)

Japan Dentistry Agency (JDA)
Dental anesthetic control instructor

Why do people choose OHKAWA DENTAL CLINIC?

1. Total number of implants: 1,000
Total number of dental treatments: 1,500

2. Approved high-level regenerative treatment agency by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Permit Number PC3200189)

3. Over 10 years of experience and study of the latest treatment technology

4. Holds qualifications and certificates from dental associations inside and outside the country

5. Complete with the latest facilities (3D CT examination equipment, CEREC 3D system and Laser therapy system)

Diagnosis and Treatment

Implant Treatment

Titanium implants are buried in the mandible to supplement lost teeth.  Artificial teeth will be affixed to the implants, giving “biting power” and “appearance” close to natural teeth that you cannot obtain from bridges and false teeth.  If we take the biting power of natural teeth to be 100%, bridges only offer 50% and false teeth 30%. Implants can bear 90% and more. Yet, it cannot beat natural teeth. However, like it was mentioned before, in order to bear the burden of biting of the lost teeth, we should avoid damaging natural teeth as much as possible. Implant treatment exists for that reason, making it possible to protect the natural teeth.  Treating and scraping teeth means losing the value of teeth. Continuing to lose their value leads to destruction of the entire bite. As much as possible, treatments should not be repeated and it’s important to think carefully of which treatments are needed in order to keep protecting the treated teeth.

Bite Treatment

No matter what dental treatment, adjusting bite problems is very important. If you ignore bite problems, it destroys the teeth line, and the surrounding teeth and prosthetics wears down and break. Bad bite problems cause a disorder of the mind and body, making a second treatment necessary. Also, cavities and gum disease are not only sources of bacterial infection, but it may also result in damaged teeth tissue due to excess biting power, creating a foothold for infections.

Cavity treatment is a very delicate operation, where just shaving off a few millimeters off the teeth can change the bite, so bite adjustment is necessary for implant/correction/ceramic treatments. Regular balance adjustment leads to long-term mouth stability.

Advanced Regenerative Medicine

Ⓒ BTI Biotechnology institute

High-level regenerative implant treatment
The Endoret Implant treatment is an implant treatment that uses regenerative technology that regenerates bones and soft tissue using the safe and revolutionary PRGF-Endoret method. The power of cells in the blood becomes necessary in order to regenerate bones and mucous membranes. This high-level of regenerative treatment makes effective use of regenerative proteins in the blood to enable faster and more precise regeneration. The PRGF-Endoret method is widely accepted not only in Europe but also in the States as a technique that regenerates the alveolar bone. It is not only used in the dental field but also in sports medicine for top athletes and anti-aging in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Those who take implant treatments, those whose bones have worn down due to gum disease, those with teeth pulled out and wish to add bones in those parts, can be candidates for various oral surgeries. Our clinic has passed strict examination and is recognized as a certified agency of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Ⓒ BTI Biotechnology institute

Advanced Regenerative Implant Treatment / Aesthetic and Ceramic Treatment / Orthodontic Treatment / Laser Treatment / General Dentistry / Oral Cancer Screening


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